Welcome, Tobster

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February 28, 2015 by greenhouse04

We’ve had a new baby in the house for a little over a week now. He came last Friday evening, and is very cute, very sweet, and two-months old.

However, getting him has been a surprisingly un-exciting experience, at least compared to past times we’ve welcomed new foster babies.

I have no idea why I’ve taken “Toby’s” arrival in stride like this, why I’ve been so laid-back and un-stressed about it. Maybe because I’m getting used to babies? Maybe because babies don’t excite me so much anymore? Maybe because I honestly don’t believe Toby will stay?

His presence does feel temporary. Perhaps that’s because last year at this time we were caring for a baby boy very similar to Toby, who’s presence was temporary. Perhaps it’s also because, in the little I’ve gotten to know his mom, I’ve sensed that she has what it takes to get him back.

But, I’ve been wrong before! So, who knows. I’m not over-thinking this one. Somehow, I’m approaching this new foster baby a little more the way my husband has approached foster children all along: “yes, they’ll leave eventually (even the adopted ones). Why worry or even wonder about the future?”

So, life goes on, with the added busyness and complications a foster baby brings. I do love cuddling with another rolly-polly little guy, and I sure enjoy his smiles and coo’s!


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