The Tobster Chronicles: So Squeezable

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April 9, 2015 by greenhouse04

I can hardly believe we’ve had Toby for over six weeks now!! Literally, I cannot believe it. It seems like we just got him.

He is adorable. I know, all babies are adorable. But this baby… is really adorable.

He has this square face with chubby cheeks, a little nose, and big hazel eyes. He has a very round tummy and legs with lots of rolls.

He loves to talk to you and smile and laugh. He especially loves to be tickled around his neck, have his little nose and cheeks touched, and have his soft tummy rubbed. He often tries to fit his entire fist into his mouth.

He loves all the talking and activity at our house. His eyes light up when Eddie or Emma run by, and his little arms and legs move like he’s trying to run with them. He’s content to be in the same room as me, just watching me work. His face breaks into a grin when my face comes into his sight.

He eats great, sleeps six hours a night, is strong and growing. And he is so squeezable! It is so easy to pick him up and just squeeze him (gently)!! And smother him with kisses! And try not to eat him!!

I’m enjoying every minute with him.


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