The Tobster Chronicles: Goodbye


June 5, 2015 by greenhouse04

Toby is home again – with his mother.

On Tuesday morning, in the middle of Toby’s visit at his mom’s, she called and asked if she could bring him to our home for one last goodbye. I said, “Oh, so court must’ve gone well this morning.” She said, “Yes, they closed the case and sent him home.”

I expressed my joy and congratulated her on a job well done. She has done well – she’s proven that she is dedicated to her son and willing to work hard in order to care for him.

I truly am glad that they can be together. We’ll miss the little guy, but the pain of losing him is much less than it was with Baby M. I suppose I never really expected to adopt him; I think we’ve also decided he may be our last baby (but I’ve learned that you never can tell what might happen).

She arrived an hour later, looking very nice. Toby was wearing dress clothes and little shoes – the first time I’d seen him in them. We spent the next half-hour talking, cuddling and kissing Toby… and listening to Danny describe each snake in his reptile/amphibian book.

After awhile, she carried him back out to her car and strapped him in. She gave me a hug and thanked me for caring for her son. I told her that I knew she’d be a good mom for Toby, and that she should be proud of what she’s accomplished.

Then we said goodbye.


One thought on “The Tobster Chronicles: Goodbye

  1. momto3sugars says:

    Hooray for a happy ending!

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