About Us


Who we are…   we are a family of four. We’ve been married since 2004.  Mr. Green is a minister, and Mrs. Green a helpmeet, mother, and homemaker.

Where we are…   we live in a very rural community in Kansas.  Our town boasts fewer than 100 people.  Our home is next to our church, and most of our church people are farmers or ranchers.  Black Angus and wheat are our primary crops.

Why we are…   we exist because of our Creator God, and we live in freedom and love because of our Savior God.  Our lives are because of, given to, and centered on Jesus Christ.

The Green family

We have adopted two beautiful children who were our foster kids since 2010, “Eddie” and “Emma” (pseudonyms).  Not being able to conceive our own children yet, the Lord has blessed us with two children to love, who fit perfectly into our family and with one another.

We believe that our gracious Savior brought these two children who needed a home to us, two parents who needed children.  We look forward to many years watching them grow! Read more about our story here.

We are still licensed to do foster care, and as in January, 2014, we took in our 6th foster child, “Baby M.” Other than Eddie and Emma, we’ve also cared for “Ellie” and “Jake” (2010) and “Mari” (2012).


Our daughter “Emma” is a fearless, independent, happy 4-year-old. Her favorite things right now are singing, pretending, shouting “I WON!”, swimming under water, and dressing up like Elsa. She amazes me as I watch her grow and mature into a sweet, sensitive little girl. I love listening to her sing as she plays or watching the expressions on her face as she describes something exciting.



“Eddie” is our bright, curious, sensitive 6-year-old son. Right now his favorite things are rattlesnakes, anacondas, snakes of all kinds, tornados, volcanos, dragons, earthquakes, fires, fireworks, anything dangerous, and helping Mommy and Daddy. He makes me smile with his cute-isms, his responsibility, and his ceaseless imagination.



3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Thanks for visiting Bones in My Heart! So happy to “meet” you, Larissa, David, Danny & Emily! I’m enjoying your blog, as well! Walking with Jesus, Melissa, Realmom8 ~II Cor 9:8

  2. kcgrauer says:

    Your husband looks so familiar! Crazy! I just started blogging because we just started the process to join the foster parenthood..

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