Foster Care

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We have been licensed foster parents with the State of Kansas since February 2010. The week after becoming licensed we received our first two foster children, “Jake” and “Ellie”, who returned home to their mother in August. Shortly after they left, we received “Eddie” and “Emma”, who eventually became our adopted children. In late 2012 we had “Mari” for a couple of months.

Our latest foster baby, “Toby,” came to us in late February, 2015. Watch for posts titled “The Tobster Chronicles” to learn about our time as his foster parents.

In early 2014 we became foster parents to a sweet baby boy, “Baby M.” I chronicled our experiences with him in posts titled “Chronicles of a Foster Family:”

“There’s a Baby Who May Need a Home”

“Did You Say Yes?”


“Dear Diary”

“I’m Prepared”

“Time For the Case Plan Meeting”

“How Are You Doing?”

“Nothing Is Impossible”

“A Fun Appointment”

“Parental Visits”

“Paternity Test”

“Paternity Test Results

“Saying Goodbye for First Overnight”

“Hello Again after First Overnight”

“Slow and Hard”


“Fostering Sucks”

“Feeling like Mary Poppins”

“The Last Chapter”


The following are blog posts I have written about our earlier experiences fostering:

Can You Be a Foster Parent?

Seven Weeks and Three Days… and Counting


As If It’s Your Last…

Saturday, the 1st of May, 2010

Pretense to Epiphany

Lost Boy




24-Hour Pregnancy and 9-Month-Old Newborn

The Stranger

Goodbye to the Mear-Bear


Beginnings: Eddie

Beginnings: Emma

A Bad Memory

Remembering the “No’s”

Quiet Hello’s, Whispered Goodbye’s


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