Our Timeline

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The following is a timeline of the major events in the Green family, along with links to relevant blog posts.

August, 2001… Mr. and I meet at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.

April, 2003… We’re engaged!

June, 2004… We’re married!

May, 2005… We graduate from MBI.

August, 2005… We fly to China for a year’s stint as English teachers. Read Memories of a Chinese Adventure

July, 2006… We return to Kansas and start trying to build a family.

November, 2007… Right after I begin my first cycle of Clomid, my appendix bursts. After my body harbors the infection for 10 days I undergo emergency surgery. The resulting scar-tissue nearly negates my chances of conceiving. Read I Lost My Favorite Pillow

March, 2008… Unbeknownst to us, our son is born.

August, 2008… We move to our current home, and Mr. becomes a pastor at his first church! Read Five Years

May, 2009… We finally make the decision to do foster care with the hope of adopting.

June, 2009… I walk in to our county’s foster agency office and fill out an application.

August, 2009… We begin the 30 hours of training. Read Can You Be a Foster Parent?

February, 2010… Our temporary license arrives.

February, 2010… The next week our first two placements arrive: a brother and sister. “Ellie” is 3.5 and “Jake” is 1.5. Our lives are completely turned upside-down. Read Seven Weeks and Three Days… and Counting

August, 2010… Jake and Ellie are reunified with their mom. We decide to take a break from fostering until Spring. Read As If It’s Your Last… and Lost Boy

October 7, 2010… We get the call about a 2.5-year-old boy named “Eddie”. After the typical anguished deliberation and prayer, I call my dad for advice. He says, “You should go for it. You never know what will happen.” We say yes. Read Beginnings: Danny

October 8, 2010… “Eddie” arrives at our home, only 10 minutes before Mr.’s parents arrive for the weekend.

November 1, 2010… Unbeknownst to us, our daughter is born.

November 4, 2010… We get the call about a newborn girl. We say yes, and as soon as Eddie gets back from his weekly visit, we put him back in the car and drive to the emergency shelter to pick her up. It’s love at first sight. Read Beginnings: Emily

April, 2011… “Emma’s” parents’ case goal is changed from reunification to adoption at her permanency hearing. We are overjoyed. Read Wednesday, the 6th of April, 2011

May, 2011… Emma’s birth dad becomes enraged at the “system” and begins a complaint campaign. Even though they’re moving to terminate his parental rights, his visits are increased.

August, 2011… The week before Emma’s parents’ TPR (Termination of Parental Rights hearing), we are told that there is not enough evidence to terminate the dad’s rights. His hearing is postponed, and his visits increased to two days a week.

August 9, 2011… Emma leaves for her first day-long visit with Dad. Mom’s TPR continues as planned. We receive a call telling us that the mom revealed new information about the dad (with proof) that necessitated the immediate removal of Emma from his home, and an immediate re-scheduling of his TPR. We rush to the foster agency to get our daughter. We have gone from the bottomless pit to the mountain-top! Read Sunrise Service Testimony

September, 2011… By this time, Eddie’s visits with his mom are at the max – four days a week. Suddenly, they are cut to one day a week, and the social workers inform us that they are going to ask the judge to change the goal to adoption. The goal is changed at his permanency hearing later in the month.

November, 2011… All four birth parents have relinquished by this time. Read Goodbye, Momma

December, 2011… We begin the adoption paperwork. Read Adopting! , Adoption Update! , Adoption Update #2 , Adoption Update #3 , Adoption Update #4 , Adoption Update #5

April 23, 2012… Adoption Day!!! Read I Thought This Day Would Never Come

September, 2012… We say yes to a 9-month-old, “Mari.” Read Unknown

November, 2012… We experience our first disruption, and say goodbye to Mari. We decide to take a break for about a year. Read Goodbye to the Mear-Bear and Disruption

April, 2013… I have my gallbladder removed, and in the process discover that I have a rare condition in which my liver’s common bile duct is enlarged, a high risk of cancer. Read Another Surgery, Part One and Part Two

August, 2013… I have my common bile duct removed and replaced with part of my intestine. It’s a very good thing that we’re taking a break from foster care. Read “SURGERY!! “What For?”

September, 2013… I begin homeschooling Eddie.

January, 2014… We say yes to Baby M., a 5-day-old boy and begin the foster adventure all over again. Read “There’s a Baby Who May Need a Home…”

September 15, 2014… Baby M. returns home to his father. “Chronicles of a Foster Family: The Last Chapter”


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